I took out some time to create a simple videocutter and converter. Its actually just a front-end to ffmpeg, so you require ffmpeg to run it. Download videoCutter.


Why did I make this? Isn’t there any other good video converter or cutter? Oh ya, there are many. One of the good ones I have found is WinFF which is also a front-end to ffmpeg. But I don’t need all those complex functions to just convert a video. And its a converter not a cutter. So that means it converts the whole video. I needed a simple, a very simple, interface to do my job. Afterall, you just need to specify input and output files and conversion parameters. Whats the need for all the fuss? Thus I sat down to make my own front-end for ffmpeg.

But isn’t it same as CLI? Yep, it is. Even though I am not afraid of CLI, I prefer a beautiful GUI to do my task. Am bad at remembering all the options for ffmpeg :) Also i wanted to try out pyQt, I haven’t done anything much in it yet. The time is perfect too, am having vacation, so why shouldn’t I make a videocutter!

And speaking of pyQt, its a lot simpler than I thought. The whole program is only about 290 lines, in which most of them is auto generated as I used QtCreator to design the form. Took me only 3hours to get it right, but tweaking it till I was satisfied took almost one day!

And here comes an important question - can it do all conversions? Arey, yaar, it does everything which ffmpeg does, which is, a lot!