Last day I managed to install Mac OS X Snaow Leopard 10.6 from the original retail DVD on my Dell Inspiron 1525. And to my astonishment it was pretty easy! - even though it took me 3 trials to get the hang of it :) After that I also updated it to SL version 10.6.5 :D

I followed the excellent guide available here. Take a print out of this guide and then do as follows:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 7. Restart the system.

  2. Update to 10.6.5 - don’t use Software Update, use manual update - . Restart the system.

  3. Continue from Step 8 onwards - but DON’T INSTALL Sleepenabler.kext and EHCIsleepenabler.kext at step 8.

  4. Enjoy the Mac SL 10.6.5 :)


Now the only problem is that the computer won’t sleep - I don’t usually put my system to sleep, so its okay for me.

Dual Booting with Windows 7:

1. When I installed Mac SL I made 3 partitions instead of 1 and formatted the first partition to ‘Mac OS Extended(Journaled)’ and the remaining two to MSDOS FAT format.

  1. Installed Mac to first partition and updated it to SL 10.6.5 as specified above.

  2. Installed Windows 7 to second partition - Windows installer formatted it to NTFS

  3. Now I can only boot into Win7. In Win7 install EasyBCD.

  4. Add MacOS option to boot options (Choose MBR instead of EFI)

  5. Now I can dual boot :)

And now am ready with my Dellintosh Snow Leopard 10.6.5 :D