These days am a full time Java guy and the last time I coded in C++ was a little over an year ago. It was then I came across Boost library and I had heard that it packed a lot under the 5 letter library BOOST. Even though I haven’t much used Boost, since it is being made part of the C++ standard, I don’t want to be a person who knew legacy C++ and so was always keen to know about Boost. And thats when I came across this book on Boost. Its a cookbook style book which helps people who already know C++ and want to learn Boost. Here is my review on GoodReads : Boost C++ Application Development CookbookBoost C++ Application Development Cookbook by Antony Polukhin

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All those who want to use C++ in production will one day or other come across Boost Library. Being a coder who doesn’t use C++ as a primary language, but who wish to keep abreast of whats happening in the industry (and C++ is still not dead!), I always wanted to learn Boost. I had in fact downloaded boost about an year back, but haven’t used it much. A good tutorial was missing. And this cookbook definitely fills the void. It is not a beginners book who want to study C++. But its definitely an introduction to Boost. The author has made the cookbook way to give a very good introduction to Boost library. What I liked: It is straight to the point. A no-nonsense book. Boost is a large library and some of the it have been added in C++11. And some it is being said to be part of C++14. This itself tells that Boost is a library which every C++ programmer should be familiar of. And this cookbook is really a starting point to learning it. I should say that it is only the tip of the ice-berg, but it should make you capable of digging deep into the ice-berg

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