The past 6 months had been very fruitful for me. I have added many stuffs to my skill set in this small span of time. Here are some of it:

  • The new Java kid - Java 8
  • Spring Security
  • Creating zero-xml Spring projects using Spring javaconfig and Spring Boot
  • Spring AOP
  • Git(had used it before, but had been using it almost daily for past 6 months)
  • Redis
  • Spring Data Redis
  • Spring Data JPA
  • REST(using Spring's REST as well as JAX-RS spec)
  • Security - PKI, Encryption-Decryption, Certificates, Auth mechanisms (like BASIC and Digest) etc., How to use tools like Fiddler
  • C# - Read-only knowledge :) I don't know to write a single line of code in C#, but I can understand a fairly large C# codebase given some time. I think that's fair amount of improvement for a guy who haven't looked into .NET code before.

Hmm.. that's a pretty impressive list ;)

Happy Coding! :)