I was searching for good JavaScript resources and then stumbled onto this guy - Douglas Crockford. Douglas Crockford is Yahoo!'s JavaScript architect. He is also the creator of JSON and the author of the book which I am reading now - Javascript: the good parts. He is one of the most authoritative person to talk about JavaScript.

I found his talks on JavaScript and just finished watching the first part.

Its a video which I wish I had seen when I was in my Engineering class! The first part talks nothing about JavaScript. Its about the history of computing and programming languages. His talk, unlike our Computer Science teachers, is very inspiring - and the reason is, he has EXPERIENCED it (atleast most of it) and not just read about it in some book. The way he speaks about punch card readers, early computers etc. remind you of the way old people tell you the stories of their childhood - with passion and love.

Now I should watch the remaining of the series.

Happy Coding and Keep smiling :)