Thulika Keyboard!

Thulika is an Handwriting recognition keyboard. It is the first Android app that has brought handwriting recognition to an Indian language(Malayalam). The blog post Training Thulika describes the configuration part of the keyboard.

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Immortal Login!

Log in once! No hassle of getting logged out frequently from your device.

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j8085sim - an 8085 simulator in Java!

j8085sim is an 8085 simulator.

Project: j8085sim at Sourceforge Support This Project

Blog post: j8085sim



A Simple Videocutter

A simple videocutter and converter frontend for ffmpeg written in pyQt. File: Details: My blog

BSNL Broadband Usage Meter

A simple utility to view your BSNL Broadband Usage statistics - works only for those who use to check their usage details.

File: bsnlmeter

Details: Blog Entry