[UPDATE] The BSNL site design has been changed. So this program won’t work. I suppose only a small change is needed. Will try to update this post with the new link as soon as I find time for making necessary changes.[UPDATE]

What is the advantage of knowing a scripting language? It helps you to automate much of the boring tasks that you do on a day-to-day basis.

I was fed up of logging in, clicking a series of links and finally logging out from BSNL’s website (to be exact www.data.bsnl.in) just to check my broadband usage. So this thought of automating this process occurred to me. And finally I made a small script which does this. Also I gave a GUI for it. Download Broadband Usage Meter.


There is a file called ‘READ ME’ in it. As it goes without saying, you ought to read it ;)

This program works only for those who uses www.data.bsnl.in to check their usage statistics. It depends heavily on the design of the site, so it maynot work in the future if BSNL decide to change their site design.